A poem

Photo by Gustavo Moreno on Unsplash

Although alleviation is a myth,
some of you are spectacular actors.
I walk by God on the street
and fail to recognize him,
(and yet, he hails me).

You are well-adjusted.
Happy and whole.
You can see him clearly.
But instrumental indifference
and illusions in vision
still collide inside.

Repeating the same day,
day after day.
Memories of elation
and depression display.

This three-lane road and
cloud-filled sky are
foiled by the anticipation
of rain not to come.
This melody rings
a feeling of déjà vu,
but it too is new:

Cream carpet roasting under the sun, while levels of…

Tanner R. Layton

(his, he, him) sociology instructor, habitual philosopher, cultural critic, anti-capitalist, aspiring killjoy, pretend poet, and psychoanalytic wanderer.

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